Client Reporting

Family members often have concerns about the the wellbeing of their parents and relatives living alone and HomeAid has developed a unique survey approach to help inform them. Our staff are trained to gently enquire after basic health and emotional elements as well as observe and assess conditions at home.

We have a preset set of questions that give useful insights which have been tested and found very helpful. You are free to add to or amend these. Topics covered include:

  • Quick Q&A on how the client is feeling in general

  • Impressions of living conditions

  • Checks/queries as to how well everything is working e.g. door locks, taps, lights etc

  • Visual checks of integrity of window latches/doors/security gates

  • Scanning for slip and trip hazards, unsafe fixtures or appliances

  • Condition of garden & lawns 

This information is captured in our proprietary cellphone app and uploaded to our office where it is reviewed and a report generated for the concerned party. Further detail can be provided on request if needed.

No sensitive information or images are recorded and each client is assigned a unique identifier with no references to name or address. Reports are reserved for authorised signatories only and all information is kept for 90 days after which it is securely deleted. 

Surveys are carried out only with the signed permission of close family members. Please call to discuss this option.