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Priority Support Service

Are you worried about your parent or other family member experiencing difficulty at home and not knowing who to turn to for help? 
For a small monthly subscription, HomeAid’s priority call service puts help within easy reach when it’s most needed.
Our team is at hand to help should someone should take a fall, need an urgent prescription or have something break down at home.  
Household emergencies such as water leaks or electrical problems can be solved with minimal effort and anxiety. We maintain a database of dependable contractors and other service providers who we can to call on for help to get the problem solved as quickly as possible. 
Family living out of town often have concerns about parents or other family member’s well being. We will follow up and report back and if needed stop by to assist or to check that all is well at home.
In addition to receiving prompt attention when you need it, our priority service also entitles you to a generous discount on our standard drop-in call rate.

As with all our service packages you can suspend or cancel the service with a simple 24 hour notice.
To find out more about the priority call service or to subscribe, please call or contact us via email.

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