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We are often asked by prospective clients and other interested parties about our activities in Port Elizabeth...who and how we are helping ? A good question !

Sometimes we have to explain in some detail as our services are a little different from those offered by conventional carers. At the outset we saw a need for helping people in their own homes, both the elderly and the not so old. We had met many individuals and couples who had been living without the need for support at home for many years and were committed to continuing that way for as long as possible, some for financial reasons but most simply because they felt life to be more fulfilling and normal that way.

The past year has seen us engaged in helping the elderly in areas including assistance with tasks and coordinating repairs at home; getting around to appointments, friends and shops; meal preparation, helping with pets and other help at home such as setting up computers, cellphones and entertainment electronics.

We have been similarly engaged with our post-op clients recuperating at home. Making them comfortable at home, medication reminders and refills, transport to follow-up assessments and physiotherapy sessions...all in a days work for our HomeAid staff.

Our approach to helping and caring for those living at home needing short or longer-term support hinges on two significant strengths: our flexible approach to accommodating a client's changing needs, coupled to a fully mobile capacity allowing us to be on time every time and the ability to respond quickly if needed.

The greater majority of our clients are individuals who have remained in South Africa after their children and other family members left to begin new lives overseas. We as owners can speak from experience, having done just that ten years ago and leaving our parents behind in the process. We constantly receive feedback and messages from SA's living overseas expressing their thanks and relief that we are able to help where they cannot.

It is also greatly fulfilling to see the remarkable change in a client's outlook and engagement. Many older folk live in near isolation and in some cases do not not get adequate nutrition or exercise. The simple act of getting out of the house and walking around the neighbourhood has tremendous benefits on one's outlook and feeling of self-worth. Being able to once again connect with old friends and the community also has positive outcomes for our clients and many comment on feeling like new people again.

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