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Help for Elderly at Home much Needed

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Living as an elderly citizen in Port Elizabeth can be challenging, no matter your state of health or financial circumstances and it is a trend which seems set to continue.

Old age homes and frail care facilities are in short supply and the wait for new applicants is years long at most homes. According to a survey done by the EP Herald recently, some applicants had been waiting for well over 10 years for an opening to become available. Homes routinely suggest that individuals apply to go on the waiting list at age 60 or younger and some will refuse access to the waiting list to those 70 and over.

Even those waiting for an opening at a home are not guaranteed of being granted access, as an assessment is often done prior to admission that may see the elderly client turned down on health or financial grounds.

The growing local shortage of nursing and other healthcare workers has caused the cost of care in old age homes and frail care facilities to skyrocket. As a result, the elderly who would otherwise have approached these homes for care are now obliged to live at home and are often doing so without adequate care and support. This can have a dramatic impact on their overall state of health and wellbeing.

The alternative for many is regular support by at-home senior care providers such as HomeAid. They provide a vital service by ensuring that the elderly receive the assistance needed to carry out everyday chores and tasks, that their nutritional needs are met and that their life at home is safer and more enjoyable. The companionship they offer goes a long way to easing the loneliness and isolation that many senior citizens feel at home.

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