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  HomeAid in Brief

  • What is your biggest strength ? 

We set ourselves apart by delivering high quality personalised non-medical assistance to living-at-home seniors and other individuals needing help in our community. We strive to improve client contact with their community by improving mobility for otherwise home-bound clients and constantly seek new ways to make living at home and out easier.

  • Why should I use HomeAid rather than an independent individual ? 

Our staff are screened, trained and insured. We have an ongoing focus on staff skills assessment and training and we take trouble to ensure a good fit between our staff and your family member.

  Our Services

  • Are your services available for the elderly in old age homes and other facilities?

Yes, a growing number of our clients reside in a setting other than their own home. We provide support to care facility residents needing additional support or personalised assistance.

  • Do you have minimum hours of service?

Yes, our minimum duration for a call is one hour. A scheduled call package set up to suit your personal schedule is offered at a discounted rate based on the number of calls per week or per month.

  • Can I adjust a schedule once services have begun? 

With pleasure. You are always in control of your service schedule. As long as you meet our required visit minimum, you are welcome to adjust your schedule to meet your changing needs.

  • What is your cancellation policy? 

HomeAid has a flexible approach and operates with a 24-hour cancellation policy (applicable to scheduled packages only)

  •  How do you track visits to the client ?

For our clients utilizing a scheduled call package, HomeAid maintains a client file for the benefit of both the client and ourselves. These files include client specific notes on activities and other notable matters relating to our visits.

  • Can your staff administer medications to clients ? 

We cannot actually administer a medication to a client, but we certainly can remind a client to take medications, and record that the medication has been taken in the client file.


Our Staff

  • How do you select your staff ? 

An extensive selection and interview process and a full orientation is undertaken before a staff member is hired. All of our staff have successfully passed a thorough reference and criminal background check.

  • What are your staffer's backgrounds ? 

Our staff come from a range of diverse but relevant backgrounds but all are caring individuals who gain satisfaction from working with others in need. We look for warm and empathetic natures, a common sense perspective and a history of dependability.

  • What about insurance ? 

HomeAid carries public liability insurance. You are fully protected in case of accidental damage or injury.

  • How do you train your employees?

All our staff participate in an orientation program which covers the practical situations encountered in the field. Training begins upon acceptance of the position after which they are evaluated on their first client calls by a supervisor before being allowed to operate on their own.

  • How do you decide on the staff member to be assigned to a client? 

A lasting relationship between ourselves and the client is a priority. Whenever possible the same staffer will be assigned for successive calls.

  Our Rates & Payment

  • What are your rates? 

Our rates are very competitive and depend on the level and frequency of service given. Please contact our office for specific information.

  • How often do you invoice me ?

We invoice our scheduled call package clients in arrears once a month or per week in the case of shorter term services. Payment may be made by EFT or cheque according to client preference. Our invoice details call duration, vehicle mileage and any miscellaneous expenses. In the case of one-off calls we request payment at the end of each call.

  • Do I need to sign a contract?

For our scheduled call package clients we have an optional Service Agreement which may be cancelled at any time with 24 hours notice.

  • Can I submit a claim for expenses to my Medical Aid ?

As we do not provide medical services we do not have a PR number or contract to any medical aids in South Africa.



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